Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We love After Inked

We love this product. After Inked is possibly the best tattoo care product we have come across so far. It feels good going on the skin, it's not greasy and it doesn't stick to your clothes. When used on a fresh tattoo, it soothes the sting and takes the redness away. The tattoos we have used it on have healed really quickly and they have healed well. The skin remained smooth and hydrated. After Inked is also cruelty free and vegan friendly. We really think that if you try it once you will love it too. It does seem to be a step forward in tattoo care.

Treat your new tattoo to something new and fantastic!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally... Shoes!

We have finally added the Iron Fist shoes to the site. I know I know, I said that we had them before, but the site needed some tweaking to accommodate shoes.

They are really hot. A small start, but I am hoping to see our selection grow!

There is the amazing All Hope Abandoned platform peeptoe, in a day of the dead inspired design.

Sweet Skull O Mine, a kickass black and pewter skull and flower print platform with silver studs. Can you bear being caught dead without?

The Muerte Princess Punk platform is another stunning peeptoe platform in a black and pewter skull print with pink roses and a row of pink pyramid studs across the toe. To die for.

All those pretty shoes are currently £52.00 from our shop, so you save £2.99 off the suggested retail price and because we want to offer you an early Xmas gift, you get free shipping on your order until the end of 2010. How festive is that!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Xmas is coming, we're offering you FREE shipping!

We want to make your Xmas shopping less painful, so we are offering free shipping on all our items at the moment. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for presents, we think you will find something at Rock'n'Rouge!

We have also added a small selection of gorgeous Iron Fist platform shoes which you could possibly not be without at that Christmas party! We also have added some great Alchemy jewellery, stunning KitschNKouture necklaces and even some rockin charms by Underground Hound for your dog! :-)

Have a browse and don't worry about the postage, Santa's got it covered!

Wishing all a very Happy Xmas!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

We went to London and now we're back!

And what a weekend that was. Now that I have pretty much recovered from that one, I would like to thank every single person who attended because your presence made the event extra special. The organisers also did a great job putting the whole thing on, everything went smoothly from beginning to end. We arrived on Thursday to set up our stall and then headed off to a delightful little Italian restaurant for a well deserved meal.

We were right across from the stage all weekend so we managed to see some of the acts taking place. The Amazing Ari gave several performances throughout the weekend, which were as fabulous as ever. Fire eaters, burlesque entertainers, there was so much going on all the time. Sailor Jerry also offered delicious samples of their rum with ginger beer and lime. 

Here's some of the entertainment.

The Amazing Ari

An aerial silks

Odd people

A burlesque pretty playing with fire

Another pretty playing with lots of fire

The venue was fantastic, the Tobacco Docks is such an impressive building. We were set up in the Vaults, with their beautiful brick arches, keeping us cool! This was our view from the front of the stall
Our view

The main stage, ready for Aerial silks, rings and rope

It was a wonderful weekend, very eventful, we managed to see lots of people we knew and met new faces as well. All in a friendly and colourful setting, buzzing with energy and  creativity.

On Saturday, I took some time off from my stall and got some ink. My left calf is now beautifully adorned with a sexy rat girl pinup by the lovely and very talented Morg Armeni from Genova, Italy.

Rat Power!

Upstairs were all the tattooers and there was so much beautiful art to see. 

The trade went well, thanks to all of you who supported us and spoiled yourself or a friend. We will be adding more Alchemy stuff on the site soon. We have also picked up some After Inked tattoo care lotion which is truly wonderful product and suitable for vegans. I am also going to be working on our very own creations over the next couple of months. 

See you all again soon hopefully!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the road, the 6th London Tattoo Convention

Here it is, the 6th London Tattoo Convention. After a couple of stress filled days, we are just about ready to hit the road. Most of the new products we were expecting for you has arrived. We have some Alchemy bracelets and necklaces for the boys, a bit of their steampunk for the girls, some new hair candy and necklaces from TooFast brand. 

Steampunk necklace

A parcel arrived yesterday morning much to my surprise, I'd expected it to be held at customs for days, but it just arrived and I opened it to find amazing necklaces from Kitsch n Kouture and some very cool charms for your dogs collar, designed by Underground Hound. 

Sadly, our Iron Fist delivery has not made it in time to come with us, so we will have no shoes to offer you. 

This convention will be long and hard work, but it will be all worth it because it is such a fun and diverse event, colourful and buzzing, literally, with tons of entertainment. Plus a little bonus ink for me on Saturday by the delightful Morg from Genova. We really hope you can make it and make sure to come and find us. We have free sweeties as usual! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We went shopping

London Edge was really good this year, lots of new stuff, and it looks like we will be offering you some shoes this Winter! We had a word with the lovely people at Iron Fist and we have decided to do business with them. Start with jewelry and bags, end up with shoes. It only makes sense! The new collection was also amazing! Just wait and see!

We finally met the delightful girls from Toofast who were very friendly despite  recoving from a long Transatlantic flight, they also have a lot of new pretties, but those might have wait until Xmas! 

Then we had a chat with Alchemy and we will be offering you some of their items. At first we will be carrying mostly stuff for the Inked Boys, but who knows! Their tattoo themed products are really impressive. Thinking about Xmas already?!

A few suppliers from the continent caught our eye too with their shiny things, we will be in touch with them and see what this will bring you!

Some of our products will be discontinued when they sell out, but as they say, you win some, you lose some. We had a great day just for you lovely people!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going to London Edge

Summer is still here, but we are headed towards Autumn. New season means that new products will be added to our collection. London Edge is the perfect place for us to find the latest in alternative fashion and bring it to you. Should you have anything in mind, please contact us and let us know what your little heart desires. 

We currently have some really cool new handbags which nearly didn't make it to our door! Indeed, much to our surprise, our last shipment was seized by customs for containing offensive weapons. After clarifying the situation, the shipment was released so we can now offer you the Knuckleduster Handbags. They are lush and come in two shiny finishes, black and pink stripes or glittery black. and the handles are shaped like oversized knuckledusters. Bring the badass out in you this month and treat yourself to a very unique bag!

Pink and black stripe Knuckleduster bag
We also have some new necklaces from Too Fast brands. 

A new piece for the kitty lover

The Minx Cat Necklace, a day of the dead, sugar skull style design which looks like a chest piece tattoo.

Some more will be added to our site soon. A whole collection of very affordable, fun jewelry by Clarabella, and more pretties by Too Fast and others.