Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going to London Edge

Summer is still here, but we are headed towards Autumn. New season means that new products will be added to our collection. London Edge is the perfect place for us to find the latest in alternative fashion and bring it to you. Should you have anything in mind, please contact us and let us know what your little heart desires. 

We currently have some really cool new handbags which nearly didn't make it to our door! Indeed, much to our surprise, our last shipment was seized by customs for containing offensive weapons. After clarifying the situation, the shipment was released so we can now offer you the Knuckleduster Handbags. They are lush and come in two shiny finishes, black and pink stripes or glittery black. and the handles are shaped like oversized knuckledusters. Bring the badass out in you this month and treat yourself to a very unique bag!

Pink and black stripe Knuckleduster bag
We also have some new necklaces from Too Fast brands. 

A new piece for the kitty lover

The Minx Cat Necklace, a day of the dead, sugar skull style design which looks like a chest piece tattoo.

Some more will be added to our site soon. A whole collection of very affordable, fun jewelry by Clarabella, and more pretties by Too Fast and others.

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