Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We went shopping

London Edge was really good this year, lots of new stuff, and it looks like we will be offering you some shoes this Winter! We had a word with the lovely people at Iron Fist and we have decided to do business with them. Start with jewelry and bags, end up with shoes. It only makes sense! The new collection was also amazing! Just wait and see!

We finally met the delightful girls from Toofast who were very friendly despite  recoving from a long Transatlantic flight, they also have a lot of new pretties, but those might have wait until Xmas! 

Then we had a chat with Alchemy and we will be offering you some of their items. At first we will be carrying mostly stuff for the Inked Boys, but who knows! Their tattoo themed products are really impressive. Thinking about Xmas already?!

A few suppliers from the continent caught our eye too with their shiny things, we will be in touch with them and see what this will bring you!

Some of our products will be discontinued when they sell out, but as they say, you win some, you lose some. We had a great day just for you lovely people!

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