Thursday, September 30, 2010

We went to London and now we're back!

And what a weekend that was. Now that I have pretty much recovered from that one, I would like to thank every single person who attended because your presence made the event extra special. The organisers also did a great job putting the whole thing on, everything went smoothly from beginning to end. We arrived on Thursday to set up our stall and then headed off to a delightful little Italian restaurant for a well deserved meal.

We were right across from the stage all weekend so we managed to see some of the acts taking place. The Amazing Ari gave several performances throughout the weekend, which were as fabulous as ever. Fire eaters, burlesque entertainers, there was so much going on all the time. Sailor Jerry also offered delicious samples of their rum with ginger beer and lime. 

Here's some of the entertainment.

The Amazing Ari

An aerial silks

Odd people

A burlesque pretty playing with fire

Another pretty playing with lots of fire

The venue was fantastic, the Tobacco Docks is such an impressive building. We were set up in the Vaults, with their beautiful brick arches, keeping us cool! This was our view from the front of the stall
Our view

The main stage, ready for Aerial silks, rings and rope

It was a wonderful weekend, very eventful, we managed to see lots of people we knew and met new faces as well. All in a friendly and colourful setting, buzzing with energy and  creativity.

On Saturday, I took some time off from my stall and got some ink. My left calf is now beautifully adorned with a sexy rat girl pinup by the lovely and very talented Morg Armeni from Genova, Italy.

Rat Power!

Upstairs were all the tattooers and there was so much beautiful art to see. 

The trade went well, thanks to all of you who supported us and spoiled yourself or a friend. We will be adding more Alchemy stuff on the site soon. We have also picked up some After Inked tattoo care lotion which is truly wonderful product and suitable for vegans. I am also going to be working on our very own creations over the next couple of months. 

See you all again soon hopefully!


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