Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer has arrived and brought us new pretties under its wing

Last week saw several new products make their way to our doorstep, but they hadn't been uploaded until today because we were dashing around, getting ready for the Portsmouth Tattoo Convention which took place at the Guildhall. This was our stall, stacked high with goodies. :-)

Saturday was a bit quiet, but Sunday saw the place get busier with a colourful crowd. We each managed to get add new bit of ink to our respective, ever-growing collection!

Today, a parcel came from the lovely Leslie at Kitsch n Kouture in California, filled with goodies for you. We also have new products from Double Dice, Alchemy, Too Fast and Clarabella. The good news is all of these goodies are not just for girls!

Here's a sneak preview of some of our products, but have a good look around, we have added over 40 products today!

by Double Dice

by Double Dice

by Double Dice

Tattoo Gun Belt - a wicked tattoo machine!

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