Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get your wellies out, we're off to Dorset!

  There's only a few days left before we embark on our journey to Sixpenny Handley, home of the Endorse-It in Dorset Festival. This is going to be the first festival that we attend with Rock n Rouge so it is exciting and we don't know what's in store for us, but we are sure it will be a fun filled weekend!
  Altho the weekend calls for a lot of preparation, we are very nearly ready for the event, we have had new stock delivered, we have bought a shiny new black gazebo complete with banners so you can find us more easily, and our wellies are on the ready because everyone knows a festival in England is not a complete until you have a lot of mud!
  Having looked through the photos from the previous years, it looks promising. A few trader friends we have worked with at other events have been going to this festival for the past few years and they all agreed that it was an event well worth attending.
  The band line-up is diverse and includes acts such as UK Subs, Pronghorn And Banco De Gaia On Friday, New Model Army, Cropdusters, Rezillos, The Members, Urban Voodoo Machine On Saturday, Then The Closing Day On Sunday Will Feature Acts Such As Subgiant, Zodiac Mindwarp & TLR, Alabama 3 Acoustic, Citizen Fish, Dubmatix, RDF, Scrumpy Sunday Feat. The Wurzels
  Even if you have not purchased your tickets for the festival, if you were looking for something to do, this could well be the next weekend planned for you. You can find more details at the official website and although the online ticket sales ends on the 9th, they will be available to purchase at the gate.
  We are hoping for nice weather, but we'll have a blast no matter what the weather says!
  Make sure you come and see us if you're around!
  Here's a sneak peek at the new things we have got for you:

The Brainshake Sandy satchel by TooFast Clothing

The Hellcat Sandy Satchel by TooFast Clothing

Faith Pendant by Alchemy 

Carpe Diem Wrist Band by Alchemy

Breaking Teeth Bracelet by Kreepsville666

Octoskull Necklace by Kreepsville666

Breaking Teeth Necklace by Kreepsville666

Cherry Skull Bracelet by Kreepsville666