Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our new dealings with the Metal Mafia

We have a new business connection in NYC and they have convinced us to start a new line of body jewellery. It is very small for the moment and pieces are handpicked. So here we are, eagerly awaiting to take delivery of our shipment from Metal Mafia, NYC. Rock'n'Rouge will be one of the very first UK shops to carry a brand new type of microdermal jewellery, and it is a very clever little piece as well. They are magnetic dangles. When I saw them, I wondered how they worked because microdermal anchors aren't magnetic. But our lovely Metal Mafia contact quickly shed some light on the md dangles situation. The dangles consist of a magnetic head, which screws into your microdermal anchor, and the jewellery itself attaches to the head. It always hangs the right way down and should it get caught and pulled, it will simply come off and leave your piercing untouched.

We have selected a few pieces for you. Here's a sneak preview:

Anchor dangle with clear stone
Angel Wings with clear stone

Heart shaped lock
Cherries in red and pink

Small skull and crossbones

Sparrow and clear stone

Colourful cupcake dangle

Depending on the popularity of the dangles we might also introduce the magnetic microdermal tops which makes changing tops really quick and easy. No need to unscrew and change, simply swap the tops. The other advantage those new magnetic tops have is to preserve the tread inside the post. 

We also have some dangly belly bars coming, also from Metal Mafia, so here's a taste of what's going to be available soon.

Fang Banger belly ring. Ideal for the True Blood devotee.

A moustache for your belly! 

More will come soon, and will be added to the shop! Otherwise, come and pick them up in person at the London Tattoo Convention next weekend, we will be there waiting for you!

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