Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Magnetic Microdermal dangles: a very good thing

I posted a little while back about some cool new microdermal dangles. They are magnetic so they always hang the right way down, and should it get caught in something, it will detach itself from the base without causing trauma to your piercing. I've gone to sleep with mine on several times and I've never lost it, it stayed put through the night. I really love them, they make your microdermal more versatile, you can change the tops quickly without unscrewing the base. This can also protect the internal thread of your anchor by reducing the number of times you change jewellery. I have ordered some magnetic gem tops without the dangles as well and they will be on the shop soon. Check out the new Piercings section where we have a small selection of body jewellery available.

The smaller ones I thought are idea for facial piercings, there's a small anchor, some cherries, a little lock, a swallow. I have seen the cherries and the anchor in particular, on a couple of my customers and they looked amazing.

Here's some Cherry dangles, which can be found on our new piercings section.

We have more coming this week and will be added as soon as they get here.

We also have a few belly bars, check them out!