Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Summer? Nevermind the rain, I've got a pretty handbag.

Seems like the gods of Summer have forsaken us and our land this year, this June, jumpers and waterproof coats are all the rage. The sales of sunscreens have plummeted,there's an Autumnal feel in the air. So I have been looking for new things, to cheer myself up. Anyway I hope they cheer you up too! Hell, I even found a new supplier, so that really made my week! There will be new bags, new jewellery, some t-shirts even! And shoes. Yes, glorious moustache shoes.

Here's a sneak peek at what's to come.

Here's a couple of the new bags by Liquor Brand:

Pretty bowling bag

Cool little make-up bag. Can be used as a pencil case too!

A stunning piece of Americana by Retro-a-gogo, a shiny chrome Chevrolet badge necklace.

We also have been dealing with Metal Mafia, getting in yet more navel jewellery and magnetic microdermal tops and dangles.

I will be ordering some Moustache shoes this week and some more t-shirts and vest tops from Too Fast so if you want to pre-order your shoes, go to the website now and do it so I can add your order to mine!

Do you love these Moustache shoes as much as I do?

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