Monday, December 3, 2012

New tattoo balm, it's simply sublime

There are so many potions and lotions out there to help your tattoo heal. I have tried a few and I know that I am not the only person who doesn't get on well with the very popular Bepanthen. My skin doesn't like it at all. I have tried a few different ones, some were ok, some very good, but I have found a new product back in September at the London Tattoo Convention.

The lovely Missy LePink is behind this fantastic pink Tattoo Tonic. Her stall was across the way from ours and I went talking to her, and I tried some of the product and it didn't take very long to find that I actually loved it. I love how it feels on the skin, I love how it smells, and most importantly, I love how it soothes and helps tattoos heal well. I had some touch-ups done on one of my tattoos that weekend, and after a couple of days, some of the outlines were feeling sore and pink. I applied some of Missy LePink's Tattoo Tonic to my sore skin and within a few hours, the inflammation had vanished. I also like supporting small businesses, this product is made here in the UK, it has been EU approved for use and it isn't animal tested. It also contains no animal ingredients, no parabens, no petroleum, no additives or nasty chemicals. We are very proud of being the very first resellers of this wonderful product.

You should consider trying it too, because as my grandmother used to say - "Dans les petits pots les meilleurs onguents!" - which means, the best stuff comes in small packages! Treat your inked skin to a little love, try Missy's Tonic!

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