Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Today a new year begins

A new year has begun, the past one was good, but things will only get better! I really think that's the way to see things, even though as I type this, our boiler has decided to die! But look on the bright side of life and all that sort of things, trying to stay positive because there are much worse things in the world than a dead boiler. And I am ready to make things happen. I spent some time earlier updating my calendar and planning some tattoo conventions. We will of course go check out London Edge at the end of the month and see what new treasures we can dig up for you.

What will 2013 bring you? A lot of wonderful things I hope.

As far as I'm concerned, I have decided to work on my own line of products, so hopefully something decent will come out of my efforts and will be up on the site in the next couple of months. I will keep you updated!

I have added a few things recently, including some delicious bags by Collectif. Have you had a look? Some serious arm candy I tell you!

There is the Debbie cherry bag in either cream or black patent with red cherries on the front. It's absolutely divine and it can be found on our shop:

Collectif: Debbie Cherry Bag in cream patent

Collectif: Christina red patent bag

Collectif bowling bag
 We also have new bags by HotRod Hellcat and Liquor Brand, some socks by Too Fast, all worth a look I say!

 Last but not least, we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, where love and other good things abound, and where dreams and hopes are fulfilled.

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