Saturday, March 2, 2013

I love my duvet

I love it and I love to dress it up in pretty covers. I saw something on Facebook a couple days ago which made me think about expanding the homewares very limited range to pretty bedding.  Signature at Home offers a choice of licensed Alchemy Gothic items and I am tempted by them. My personal favourite is Abandon Hope. I also toyed with the idea of getting some bedding from an American designer who has the most divine, soft bedding, made of high thread count sateen cotton. But unfortunately, American duvet covers don't fit UK double size duvets so well, and I think that if you are going to pay for swank bedding, it should be a perfect fit. So Signature at Home's Alchemy Gothic duvet sets is my No. 1 choice.

Considering most of us spend about a third of our lives in bed, (some more than others!) it seems reasonable to choose bedding that we love. I love my duvet so I think I will treat it to a nice new cover with matching pillows. Which one do you like?

I will get some of those in for the London Tattoo Convention in September, but I will probably have them before that! Signature at home also has beautiful cushion covers, tea towels and scarves, so who knows what will end up on our doorstep. To be continued...
Dead Man's Hand
No Evil
Abandon Hope