Monday, December 1, 2014

Alternative Xmas shopping in town or online!

Alternative Xmas shopping can be tedious enough already, but when you can't find what you're looking for locally, it's just a nightmare. Those of us who live in Somerset and shop in Yeovil will know that there is nowhere to buy Liquorbrand, TooFast, Alchemy Gothic accessories and jewellery in Yeovil. I'll let you in on a secret;  now there is. Rock'n'Rouge has set up a small stall at The Emporium on Princes Street in Yeovil late October. It's on the first floor by the cafĂ©, where you can sit and have a nice cup of tea or a fine flat white with a piece of cake or a warming bowl of soup, among other delights from Rosie's kitchen. And right across, you will find my little stash, in the corner. 

Alternative accessories hidden in the heart of Yeovil.

Looking from the outside you wouldn't guess how much variety of merchandise you can find in there so it's worth looking in. And well, I am there!

The Emporium is situated at 39 Princes Street in Yeovil town centre.

 I try to keep a good selection of handbags, duffle bags, make-up bags by Liquorbrand. I also have some belly bars, some delightful handmade laser cut acrylic jewellery by CherryLoco, handbags and a mystical duffle bag by TooFast. If you prefer Alchemy Gothic, I have some stunning necklaces and earrings, some of which can be purchased as a set and you will also find some gorgeous duvet sets, cushions and wall hangings. 

 TooFast Ouija Duffle bag

If you're looking for something for men, you will find wrist straps and bracelets. Anything you see on the website can be brought down to the shop for you on Wednesday afternoons when I am in. 

So make sure you come and check it out and spread the word. Of course you still can order online!

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